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Apokoronas Beaches

Beautiful beaches close to Athermigo


Almyrida (5.9km) is in the Apokoronas area, at the entrance to Souda Bay, about 2 km after Kalyves and 22 km from Chania.

Almyrida is a seaside resort extending about 2 km along the coast.

Georgioupolis Beach

Georgioupolis beach is located 38km east of Chania and 21km west of Rethymno, in the Apokoronas county. It starts from river Almiros and ends in Kavros, forming a 10km long beach. Umbrellas and sunbeds, showers, lifeguards, water sports, cafes, beach bars, restaurants, accommodation, mini markets, super markets, shops, ATM cashpoint machines.

Georgioupolis beach features large sand dunes and shallow waters, ideal for children. It is also exposed to the north summer winds and on these days high attention is required.

Lake Kournas just 3 km inland from Georgioupolis is a popular tourist destination as it is one of only a few freshwater lakes on the island.


Kalami (12.7km) village is located 15km east of Chania, on the southern coast of Souda Bay and near the village Megala Chorafia. It has a spectacular view over the Bay and the fort of Souda. It is also close to the ancient city of Aptera and the Turkish forts of Intzedin and Palekastro.

Just 500m northern of the village, a beautiful beach with deep water and round pebbles is shaped. At the eastern end, there is a tiny harbor with boats. The beach is very popular to the locals, but still and not very well organized. There are some umbrellas and a few tamarisk trees.

Kiani Akti (Blue Beach)

Kiani Akti (12.4 km) (i.e.Blue Beach) is located 18km east of Chania and 1km west of Kalives. It is not very busy, although it is a good choice for swimming.

Blue Beach is a great beach with fine sand and shallow water. It is not very well organized, but there are some place along the beach, offering sunbeds and water sports. There are also some canteens, restaurants and cafes where you can get food and drink.

The exit of river Kiliaris is located in the middle of the beach, transferring water from the top of the White Mountains. It is one of the few rivers in Crete that have water all year round. The sea water near the river is quite cold. Moreover, there are some rafting services provided in the river, which is stated to have been navigable in the Byzantine period and with ships docked in it.


Kera (62.8 km) beach is located 20km east of Chania, between Kalives and Almirida. It is formed at the end of a steep green hill. In order to find it you have to follow the concrete-paved road between Kalives and Almirida leading to the beach after 500m.

The beach with the white sand and some pebbles in places is situated in a wonderful landscape, with towering cliffs around. The sea is shallow and crystal clear. It is not organized, although there are several options for accommodation and food in the wider area. It is an ideal choice for those who do not like crowded places.

Kera is overlooking the island of Karga, where many seabirds shelter. On the other side of the beach, on the west, there is an amazing elongated rock in the sea which locals call Karavos (i.e. ship) because it reminds of a boat.


Kalives (9.2 km) is a seaside resort located 19km west of Chania, on the southern coast of Souda Bay. This small village is built on a fertile green valley, where three rivers flow. The village's name (i.e. “Huts” in Greece) seems to come from the huts that were built by farmers in their fields, to spend the summer nights.